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1. People Living in your Home

Please list all persons residing in your home including family members, other international students and those who stay overnight on a temporary basis.

Resident Relationship to Homestay Applicant Family Name Given Name Gender Date of Birth Occupation and working hours or school attending Current Child Related Employment Screening clearance

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2. Contact Details

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3. Emergency Contact Details

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4. Your Student Preference

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5. About Your Family

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What activities do you regularly enjoy as a family?

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6. Prior Homestay Experience

Are you currently listed to host international students with any other organisation/s? *

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7. Homestay who referred you to the Homestay program (if applicable)

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Why did this Homestay recommend the Homestay program to you?

8. How did you hear about the South Australian Government Schools Homestay program? *

9. Why are you interested in becoming a Homestay? *

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10. Photo Upload

Please submit recent colour photos of your family, pets and home including the front of your house, backyard, student bedroom, bathroom and living rooms.

Uploaded photos

Please allow time for your photos to upload. If your photos do not upload, please email them to education.homestay@sa.gov.au

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    11. Homestay Service Agreement and Declaration

    • a satisfactory Child Related Employment Screening is required for all persons over the age of 18 residing in the home
    • a suitable student match is available and accepted by the education agent and/or overseas family.

    • provided to the South Australian government school where the student will be attending
    • provided to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) if the student is on a student visa.